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Residential and commercial, new construction or existing structures.

Structured Wiring

If you are building a new home or commercial building, take advantage of the opportunity and make sure you install the proper amount and appropriate type of structured cabling in the best locations before the drywall goes up, Our team can not only help ensure your project is sufficiently equipped to meet today's technology demands, but that you are also covered well into the future, so you can easily accommodate changes in technology and your needs.

Whole Home Audio

Listen to high resolution, crisp, and clear music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and more anywhere in your home over high performance, quality speakers. Start playing audio in the living room and continue listening on the patio while your spouse continues to listen inside. Play music in the kitchen and easily start playing the same music in any bedroom, all with the push of a button or the command of your voice. Anywhere and anyway you want to listen, we have you covered.

Home Theaters

Create the media room or mancave you've always wanted with a 4K HDR High Definition projector, 120" projection screen, THX or Dolby  surround sound, and stadium style seating with couches and lounge chairs. Whether your watching a movie, television show, or live sports event, our team can create a setup that will immerse you in the action and put a smile on your face every time you hit play!

Home Automation

Have your garage lights turn on and the kitchen television turn on to your favorite new program automatically upon turning on to your street. Lock all the doors, close the garage door, turn off all the lights automatically when you turn on the alarm system. Set your landscaping lights to come on a sunset and go off at sunrise automatically all year round. Our team can automate almost every device you own - all you have to do is tell us how you want the devices to interact, and we'll take care of the rest. Best of all, our team will set it up, so you can control each connected device on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world, in one easy to use app.

Security Systems

Security Cameras

Our team can design a comprehensive security camera system custom tailored to your home or building. While we can and do install wireless security camera systems, we recommend highly using IP cameras, which use a wired connection, so that cameras remain online 24/7. Furthermore, IP security cameras can transmit Full HD and 4K video for crystal clear picture quality. Take the security system to the next level by adding an NVR, which can record video from your security cameras based on motion or any other type of event you desire. Best of all, the security footage is stored locally, on site, which means that you never have to pay monthly maintenance fees for data storage, or worry about third-party companies having access to your video footage.

Smart Locks

Replace all of your deadbolts with smart locks that can be controlled through a single smartphone app from anywhere in the world. Lock and unlock any door with your voice or the tap of a button, or simply check to make sure you locked the front door without having to go back to the house. Create temporary key codes for the dog walker or your friend that only work during specified time periods on particular days, and set up notifications, so that you know exactly when the dog walker or your friend unlocks the door.

Alarm Systems

Arm and Disarm your alarm with the tap of a button or with your voice alone from anywhere in the world. If the garage is open, set it to close automatically when the alarm is turned on. Lock and unlock deadbolts based upon the state of the alarm system.

Video Door Bells

Want your doorbell to ring to your smartphone or tablet, so that you can answer your doorbell even if your not at home? Networked Designs has you covered. Our team can install professional intercom door stations for your home, office, or multi-tenant building. Our video doorbell systems not only allow you to communicate directly with the person the door, but enable you to unlock and lock the smart unlock installed on the door all without ever leaving the doorbell app. Furthermore, our intercom video doorbell stations can be connected directly to a power source, so that you never have to worry about needing to replace batteries.

Networked Networking

Wireless Networks

Tired of weak WiFi signals and/or dead spots in your home or office where the Wifi just drops?  Our wireless networking systems never have that problem. Our team installs comprehensive and robust centrally managed Wifi systems, with omni-directonal and broadcast spread access points strategically located throughout your home or office building, ensuring that every inch of space has access to reliable and blazing fast Internet access. Our wireless networking systems allow you to roam seamlessly throughout and around the building without loosing connection or encountering buffering, so you can start watching a movie on your computer in the basement, and move outside to the patio without missing a second of the action.

Smart Lighting

Set lights to come on or off automatically at sunrise, sunset, or at specific times, based on the weather, temperature, your location, or any other possible variable. Forgot to turn off your kitchen lights before you left for work? Turn them off remotely with your voice or the push of a button. Set your lights to "mockupancy" mode when your out of town, and your lights will turn on at randomized times and at random intervals to make it appear like you are there. The are infinite possibilities, you just have to decide which options to use.

Video Distribution

Take any DVR television receiver, blu-ray player, or streaming or gaming device and distribute it to an infinite number of televisions or projectors. Our team can design a 4K, 1080p, or mixed video distribution system that is perfectly tailored to your current needs while also allowing for the system to be expanded at any time. Better yet, manage all of the devices in your distribution system in one centralized location that you can manage remotely without ever having to touch a wire.

Voice Control

Control lights, door locks, TVs, music, alarm systems, and more all with your voice. Set up scenes that complete multiple actions all based on the use of one phrase. Control of devices in your system can be accomplished using Siri on an Apple Homepod, iPhone, or iPad, or with Alexa on an Echo device, or Android smartphone.

Voice Control