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Welcome to Ohio's premier web design and marketing company, Networked Designs - where we take you to the next level and transform your ideas into reality.
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Universal Compatability

All of our work is completely compatible with every device, operating system, and browser.

Cutting-Edge Designs

We provide our clients with innovative solutions that utilize the most technologically advanced features commercially available.

Powerful Branding

We design powerful and iconic global brands and identities that people remember.




NEW!!!! NETWORKED DESIGNS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE A NEW A/V, IT NETWORK, AND HOME/COMMERCIAL AUTOMATION DIVISION! CHECK BACK SOON FOR MORE INFORMATION!!! Furthermore, Networked Designs is still the premier Ohio web design and marketing company for individuals, professionals, and businesses. As the leader in Ohio web design and Internet marketing, we provide our clients with quality, custom tailored solutions that meet their needs and have an outstanding return on investment. We work with professionals, established businesses, and start-up companies from a wide variety of industries all across the state of Ohio and the United States. More specifically, our clients include medical practices, law firms, book publishers, tech companies, concierge organizations, and musicians located in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Chicago.

We strongly believe that being the premier Ohio web design and marketing company carries a significant amount of responsibility to not only provide great service and support, but to also provide intelligent and efficient solutions. As a result, we are continually attending seminars, conducting extensive research, and staying on top of the latest industry developments, so we can provide our clients with the most cutting edge and cost-effective products.

We offer an expansive list of services, which include, but are not limited to web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, social media customization, marketing videos, logo design and branding, content management, and more! Our passion, attention to detail, and dedication to the long term success of each one of our clients are just a few of the reasons we are the best Ohio web design and marketing company around. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get a no obligation, risk free quote!



  • Networked Designs is unbelievable! They design absolutely amazing websites and provide great customer service! They also do awesome custom graphic design work. We love our logo!

  • Networked Designs is hands down the most amazing and professional web development and graphic design company I have ever hired! They are extremely creative and deliver truly amazing results!

  • If you’re searching for a cutting-edge website development or graphic design company, you need Networked Designs, They are well worth the money, and will not disappoint.



We are a full service Cleveland website design and marketing company. Our services include company and personal websites, corporate and personal branding, advertising services, SEO management, and more. Anything you need, we have you covered!



Local Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Networked Designs can get your business listed correctly on over 50+ leading online publisher websites within 72 hours. In fact, we will not only accurately establish and maintain your business’s listings across our vast publisher network, but will also fix any incorrect information that currently exists. Networked Designs provides:

Enhanced Listings

Customer Review Monitoring

Instant Updates

Detailed Analytics




Networked Designs is the number one source for innovative and strategic Cleveland website design and marketing. As the premier one-stop-shop for website design and marketing in Ohio, we offer a full range of services, including logo design and branding, search engine optimization and management, social media customization and management, e-commerce website development, video production, and more!

In contrast to other Cleveland website design and marketing firms, our service model is based on a unique and intelligent platform. Over the past decade, the rapid growth of the Internet has made having a strong presence on the web, for both businesses and individuals, increasingly more important. Building a quality presence, however, while necessary, does require a significant capital investment. Networked Designs not only recognizes that fact, but incorporates it into each and every service we provide our clients. We are able to do this by taking the time to research and analyze data, trends, and other relevant information to determine the best way to meet each clients’ goals. As a result, each decision we make and service we provide has been strategically designed to maximize the return of our clients’ investment.


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Design Features

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Working closely with our clients, we deliver results that redefine customer service and far exceed expectations.

1. Service Selection

Determine which services you would like to purchase, and get in touch with us, so we can schedule a meeting. During this conversation, we will outline our pricing model, and payment process. Pricing and completion time for each service depends on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the type and complexity of the service(s) selected (web design, marketing services, etc).


2. Preliminary Development

Based on our initial discussion, we will initiate the service(s) and/or design process, and schedule an initial meeting with you where we can present the first mockup of our work.

3. Initial Rendering

We can come to you, pick a mutually convenient location, or even have a video conference; it’s completely your choice! In this meeting, we will review the initial rendering of our work with you, and gain your input, so that we can identify any facets of the project that need to be modified before the final product is completed.


4. Progress Meetings

At the end of each week during the time your project is in development, we will provide you with a detailed report of the progress made, and the time remaining until completion. In many cases, clients will also be provided with special access credentials to a secure online portal, so they may personally view the changes and progress on their projects.


5. Testing

Prior to the completion of any project, we will conduct extensive testing to make sure that everything is working properly, and no bugs exist. This is a crucial step in the development process, and one that we take very seriously, as we have extremely high quality standards.

6. Finished Product Presentation

Once the project is completed, we will set up a final meeting, in which we will present you with the finished product, and provide you with any additional information needed to utilize it correctly. If one of the services purchased was on-going maintenance or management of a product, a more detailed schedule of such services will be provided at this point as well.



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Explore our portfolio to view some of our recent works and discover first hand the level of quality we produce. Our portfolio provides examples of a wide variety of past projects we have completed for our clients, including websites, logos, business cards, social media customization, and marketing videos. The portfolio is designed to provide a small sample of the type of products we offer.

Wedding Website Landing Page
Eden Garden Condo Logo
Gold Bag Shopping Services
Eden Garden Condo Association
Gold Bag Shopping Services, Facebook Page
The Roth Firm Business Card (Back Side)
The Roth Firm Business Card (Front Side)
Healthcare Initiatives
The Roth Firm Logo
The Roth Firm

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